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Our Story


I'm Gaby! I'm a mom, chef, cookbook author, entrepreneur and lover of dinner parties. I started What's Gaby Cooking over 10 years ago and if there's anything that's stuck with me, it's that we all LOVE good food. Does that mean we need to spend hours in the kitchen every day cooking? Definitely not. 

Enter Dalkin&Co!

After writing hundreds of recipes over the years, meeting thousands of you on book tour and really taking all your requests to heart, we're embarking on a new venture. Dalkin&Co is your go-to pantry resource where you can find some of my favorite blends to make every meal more delicious. Ranging from my quintessential Everyday blend, to a versatile Meat seasoning, the ultimate Taco enhancer, and a tangy Lemon Pepper, these are just the beginning of our delightful culinary journey together. 

Easy-to-open screw cap lids, larger quantities, and a glass jar that allows you to easily see how much seasoning is left make these the perfect useful accessory on your counter. Plus, they are the gift of choice for anyone who loves to cook or eat!

We hope these blends become as much of a staple in your kitchen as they are in ours.

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How do I track my order?

Check the link in your order confirmation email or text.

What if my package is running late?

On the off chance that your package is lost or late, please rest assured that we have a comprehensive policy in place to address these concerns. According to our policy with shipping companies, a package must be missing for at least 15 consecutive days before we can file a claim. This timeframe is established because experience has shown that many packages, although they may appear delayed or missing, are often found and successfully delivered within this period.

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Returns and Exchanges

Given that Dalkin&Co offers food products, we prioritize the safety of our customers and, as such, cannot accept returns. However, if we make an error on an order, we will make it right through either a refund or a replacement. Kindly get in touch with us at, and we'll work to rectify the situation.

Damages and Concerns
Upon receiving your order, we urge you to inspect the contents thoroughly. If you notice any damages, or if the wrong item was delivered, please notify Dalkin&Co within 10 days of receipt. This allows us to assess the situation and take appropriate measures. Please note that Dalkin&Co might not be able to address concerns raised after this 10-day period.

Is it ok if my seasonings clump?

Don't worry it's totally normal.

What causes clumping?

  1. Moisture: This is the most common reason spices clump. When spices are exposed to humidity or any form of moisture, they can start to stick together. This is especially true for finely ground spices. Red spices, such as paprika or cayenne pepper, are prone to absorbing moisture from the air because of their fine consistency.
  2. Oil Content: Some red spices have natural oils that can make them stick together when they are ground. Over time, or when exposed to heat, these oils can cause the spice particles to bind together.
  3. Salt or Sugar Additions: Some spice blends may have added salt or sugar, both of which can draw moisture from the air and lead to clumping.
  4. Static Electricity: In some cases, especially when spices are freshly ground, they can develop a static charge which makes them cling together.
  5. Storage Conditions: If spices are stored in a warm place, such as near a stove or oven, it can cause the natural oils in them to become more fluid, leading to clumping.

To prevent clumping:

  • Always store spices in a cool, dry place.
  • Use airtight containers for storage.
  • Avoid shaking out spices directly over steaming pots, as this introduces moisture to the bottle.
  • Consider using desiccant packets in spice containers to absorb any excess moisture.

If your red spices have clumped, they can often be de-clumped by gently shaking the jar or breaking them apart with a fork.

Do your products contain allergens?

Dalkin&Co products are produced in a facility that processes allergens including soy, tree nuts, wheat/gluten, mustard, celery, dairy and sesame. Further allergen declarations are included in the ingredient section of each product.


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